Bodyweight Burn

Don’t let life’s chaos get in the way of your fitness goals.


Bodyweight Burn is a no nonsense, no equipment required, swift paced selection of gymnastic related movements formed thoughtfully into three separate ten-minute workouts.


Using static, active and locomotive exercises your Bodyweight Burn Program has been carefully designed to target all areas of the body in a fast, effective and fun way. No matter where you are or how little time you have, you have a lifelong workout to crush!

  • Equipment

    • No equipment required
  • Prerequisites

    • Basic fitness level
  • Contents

    • Downloadable full PDF skill document 
    • Downloadable excel workout document 
    • 3 x 10 min workouts - 30 mins total 
    • Illustrations of each exercise 
    • Exercise descriptions 
    • Guide on navigating your program