An Iron Cross is an extremely advanced gymnastic skill on the rings in which the body is held upright by only the arms which are extended laterally. A great degree of upper body and core strength is required to complete this skill successfully.


As a predominantly upper body exercise the Cross is highly challenging and demands exceptional strength and recruitment of almost all major and minor muscle groups in and around the shoulder joint. As this skill can put a lot of stress is on the elbow and shoulder joints, it is paramount that the correct physical preparation has been followed before making any full attempts.


Due to its complexity, learning the Cross requires a gradual loading of the body, working up to greater levels of volume and frequency in its training to ensure safety and minimise the likelihood of injury.


Your Cross Program has been designed carefully with this in mind to introduce the body to the skill progressively and build the required strength in the muscles to perform it correctly. Split into four stages, the program actively strengthens and prepares the required muscles and joints first before targeting more skill specific muscular adaptation.


    • Hanging Rings 
    • 2 x box or parallel bars 
    • Pull up bar 
    • Theraband - various resistance
    • Dumbbells - various weights 
    • Barbell - various weights