A Handstand Push up is an advanced gymnastic strength skill in which the body balances vertically on your hands and performs a steady lower towards the ground before pushing back up. It is a very technical skill and requires significant upper body strength built through appropriate physical preparation as well as mastery in balance and control to complete safely.


As a predominately upper body strength exercise the Handstand Push-Up is highly challenging and demands exceptional strength in the shoulder and back muscles.  Due to its nature it also requires vast control in whole body stabilisation with the need for an especially super strong core to make this possible.


Your Handstand Push-Up program has been designed carefully with this in mind to build the required strength in the desired muscles to perform it correctly. The step by step process introduces the Handstand Push-Up at a basic strength level before building towards more advanced strengthening exercises and drills. Finally, the whole skill is then broken down into a two-part process.

Handstand Push Up

    • Wall
    • Box
    • Theraband