Lower Body Stability

Stability in sport can be defined as the ability to maintain control of joint movement or position by coordinating the actions of the body. It is key to success in gymnastics and whole-body movements.


Without a stable base, simple movements such as running and jumping are made much more complicated and the likelihood of injury increases. It is therefore necessary to train stability in the lower limbs to help improve these areas.


Your Lower Body Stability Program has been designed carefully to provide enhanced joint stability and protection in the Hips, Knees and Ankles.


  • Equipment

    • No equipment required


  • Prerequisites

    • Basic level of fitness
  • Contents

    • Downloadable full PDF skill document 
    • Downloadable excel workout document 
    • 1 x 20 min workout - 20 min total 
    • Illustrations of each exercise 
    • Exercise descriptions 
    • Guide on navigating your program