A Ring Muscle Up is a gymnastic and calisthenic advanced strength training exercise in which the body begins hanging below the rings and finishes in a support above. With an over-grip of the wrists the movement begins with a pulling of the rings lifting the body upwards. The shoulders then transition forwards over the wrists as the elbows move behind by applying pressure to the rings. A downward push on the rings extends the elbows and completes the movement.


As a full body exercise the Muscle Up is highly challenging and demands exceptional strength and recruitment of the muscles in the upper body. Not only this but a strong core and durable grip strength are necessary to aid its completion.


Due to its complexity, learning the Ring Muscle Up requires a high-level knowledge of its correct technique and not only brute strength.


Using four progressive stages, your Ring Muscle Up Program has been designed carefully to prepare the targeted muscles generally before transitioning to more advanced technical and skill specific drills. 

Ring Muscle Up

    • Hanging Rings 
    • 2 x box or parallel bars 
    • Pull up bar 
    • Theraband