A Press to Handstand is a gymnastic skill in which the body begins in a straddle seated position. Pushing the hands into the ground the body leans forward transferring weight to the arms slowing raising the feet and legs into the air. The legs and body then continue to raise over the hands and head until with complete control arrive in a full handstand position with the body balancing vertically.


As a full body balancing exercise the Press to Handstand is highly challenging and demands exceptional strength and recruitment of almost all major and minor muscle groups. It always requires a strong core to maintain stabilisation throughout and high levels of active flexibility to attain the correct positions to complete successfully. Due to its complexity, learning the Press to Handstand requires a gradual loading of the body, working up to greater levels of volume and frequency in its training.


Your Press to Handstand program has been designed carefully with this in mind to introduce the body to the skill progressively and build the required strength and flexibility in the muscles to perform it correctly.

Press Handstand

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